On Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th May, we were delighted to welcome students from Linkage College and from Lincoln College on to our building site to assist with the construction of the new park café.

The café walls are being created using Hempcrete blocks. Hempcrete is a bio-composite material made from hemp and lime, which makes them extremely eco-friendly. They are chemical-free and have excellent thermal performance.

First up on site, on Wednesday, were #TeamLinkage – Maddison, Anders, Harry and Jimmy. We also received a visit from some special guests – the CEO of Linkage, Valerie Waby, and the College Principal, Martin Shelton.

Next up, on the Thursday, were three Bricklaying students from Lincoln College – Tom, Aaron and Harry. These lads knew a thing or two about block work already, so their sections flew up in no time!

Huge thanks must go to Rob from UK Hempcrete and Peter from Casey Ltd. who assisted both sets of students with the installation of the hempcrete blocks. Everyone enjoyed their time on site and we’re all looking forward to having a cuppa in the café once it’s finished!