More Volunteer Momentum

A group volunteers stand in the Centenary Garden at Boultham Park.

The parks WW1 memorial garden had another push by the Barton ToCH group in November. Its really great to have assistance from those who are passionate and dedicated to making a difference in the local area. The family based team led by ToCH youngest leader, Martin Bavin have shown a tremendous effort and dedication to getting the job done. On this visit the team completed a huge clearance of waste that had built up over the years and created the full circle of the meandering path which circumnavigates the garden. This exciting moment now allows people to see the garden and the local park from many new angles. Local volunteer Nick, also came out on the weekend to give a boost to the group. He is a keen volunteer who helps out most weeks in Boultham Park and he was happy to lend his hand on this day. If you would like to be involved or have any feedback about this beautiful space please get in touch with neville.coupland@linkage.org.uk.  07834 335 669