Artist's Impression - Boultham Park

Up and Up For Boultham Park in 2017

As we start the year a fresh you can see what amazing things are coming for your local park.

John - Weir - Boultham Park

Park Pye Performs Perfectly

If you are a regular visitor to Boultham Park you will know John Pye, he has been creating the feature around a new tilting weir outflow.

Bandstand Boultham Park

Bandstand 80th Year Refresh

On its 80th birthday the bandstand is off to the workshop for the full treatment.

Silt and debris removal - Boultham Park

Hurrah for Community Spirit

A huge thank you to the The Casey Group Ltd, the construction team currently restoring Boultham Park.

Boultham Park - Weir

Weir On The Way

On Tuesday the 16th of August 2016 work got underway for the installation of a new mechanical sluice gate for the lake.

Boultham Park Regeneration Given Green Light

Work can begin on a £4 million project to transform Boultham Park in Lincoln into a reinvented open space with an education centre, cafe and horticulture centre.

Karl McCartney joins young people to Discover Boultham Park

Karl McCartney joins young people to Discover Boultham Park

Young people with special needs were invited to explore Boultham Park and take part in activities as part of the “Discover in a Day” project.