Make your own Willow Lantern

Ranger Lisa shows you what you need and how to make this excellent craft project

Link to Video

The New Lake Aeration System

This information panel shows how the Aeration system that is being installed will improve water quality in the lake for many years to come.

Build a Bird Box

Another instructive video by Ranger Lisa from Hartsholme Country Park showing you how to make a simple bird box for the garden.

bird box info sheet

Restoration Works Plan

social media info panel

The project will focus on biodiversity and will include:
 Installing aeration equipment (to increase and stabilize the amount of dissolved oxygen in the lake) which will stop silt building up and slowly, over
time, reduce the amount of silt currently in the lake, altogether improving lake water quality
 Restoring and improving lake edges
 Lake margin, island and woodland understorey planting
 Bird and bat boxes
 Improving the surface around the Beacon
 Introducing more seating
 Create a viewing platform, and fishing pegs
 Improved footpaths
 Tree works (which have already taken place), due to tree condition or where trees were damaging the lake banks for example
 Access for occasional boating (on high days and holidays)
 Public art with interpretations, for example information about the wildlife, habitat, history of the lake and how to get involved
We are very grateful to the NLHF, and to National Lottery players, for funding the project development work and for contributing almost £660,000
towards restoring our wonderful lake, and for all that they have enabled to happen in the park so far #ThanksToYou
We are also indebted to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is our partner on this project, and for the expert advice and support they are providing. We are
also grateful, as always, for the support of the Boultham Park Advisory Group whose enthusiasm for the park and the lake help to drive us forward,
and to our wonderful volunteers.

Duck Feeding advice

A short video from the ducks on the lake and Team Ebsford to help ensure they have a healthy balanced diet – and we avoid unnecessary build up of silt from uneaten bread.

Click here for link to the video

Lost Features – The Greenhouse

The first in a fascinating series of insights from BPAG Chairman Robert Pitchford explores the Park Greenhouse down the years.

Lost Features – The Greenhouse


Little Litter Stars !


Great work Alfie and Ellie

Two of our wonderful young volunteers ventured out with mum and collected discarded rubbish to improve our lovely Park.


Park Safety Update

Fencing around the lake edges


Birdspotting in the Park

A great little activity for the children as the snow falls around the lake today !


Lake Birds

Welcome to our winning calendar photographer – Emily Speed

A great start to 2021 saw Emily take first prize in the Calendar competition, then join the team as our volunteer park snapper and she will bring the park to life via Instagram

The calendar is on sale via the Cafe in the park or via email at Boultham.Park@Lincoln.Gov.Uk