Thank You Lindsay – (and all our other volunteers)

There’s lots to celebrate in Boultham Park, and we can’t wait until everyone can get up close to explore all that the lake restoration project is delivering. We’ve had so many positive comments about the interpretation panels / public art which was recently installed, and we wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge Lindsay Johnson.

As well as working for the project team, Lindsay also volunteers for the project, and as a volunteer she wrote the interpretation strategy and designed the interpretation panels and art sculptures that you can see now on the paths surrounding the lake. From the supporting strategy behind the themes and aims, to the materials used, the designs of the sculpture panels, the information on the lecterns and the images on those panels, to where they are sited and which way they face – Lindsay has driven the creation of the wonderful installations we can all now enjoy. This has involved huge skill, patience and many, many hours of hard work and grit. We are truly grateful.

Volunteering can take many forms. Our interpretation panels – one of which is on the theme of volunteering and ‘doing our bit’ – will stand as testament to that for generations to come.

Thank you to Lindsay, and thank you to all of our volunteers in Boultham Park and across the city. We salute you.