On its 80th birthday the bandstand is off to the workshop for the full treatment. Thanks to the HLF backed project the Boultham Park is well on the way to being restored to how it was in its glory days. The bandstand is a key feature in the sweeping vista of the central area of the park. It really compliments the beautiful tree lined surroundings and the natural environment on so many peoples doorsteps in the heart of Lincoln City.

We anticipate its full return in the Spring of 2017, with a fresh paint coating on top of metalwork restoration. The new roof will be made of durable zinc and the concrete surround will be resurfaced along with brickwork base improvements. This aspect of work will be completed by Lost Art, who specialise in repair and restoration. The overall work is being managed by The Casey Group who will be also be restoring the bridges, the hall footprint, improving pathways and lighting with some CCTV coverage over the next 10 months. They are building a brand new café to be run by Linkage which will be standing next to a new park glass house and an education center which will provide valuable new infrastructure for the local community and particularly giving people with special learning needs the opportunity to be trained and integrated into local communities.

It is such an amazing time for Boultham Park and Lincoln we hope that you will somehow become involved, your messages are welcomed. If you are in the area why not pay us a visit to see what is truly special about Boultham Park.