A huge thank you to the The Casey Group Ltd, the construction team currently restoring Boultham Park. As a good will gesture Andy and his team pitched in with a digger to help the community weir development.

John Pyes voluntary installation which is backed by Lincoln City Council and Kier’s £5,000 materials donation has been steadily progressing for the last two months. The lake exit point was seriously bunged up with silt, leaves and wood which needed clearing. After chatting to Casey, they were happy to lend the manpower and equipment as seen in the pictures below.

A good few tonnes of silt, plenty of water but luckily no ducks were removed from the lake. The Council contractors, Continental Landscapes, moved the grills on flatbed truck to a safe storage place. It is really nice to see this collaborative approach to getting a job done. The local people are really seeing some amazing things even at this early stage in the programme.

Thank you everyone involved and get in touch if you would also like to lend a hand.