Coronavirus – visiting parks

We know how important and valued Lincoln’s parks and open spaces are, and in these unusual times they are more important than ever to many people. The vast majority of people are respecting social distancing measures when visiting the park, and are taking all reasonable steps to keep themselves and others safe.

When visiting Boultham Park or any other greenspace, please remember:

  • To maintain a gap of at least 2 metres between yourself and anyone else who isn’t from your household
  • Not to meet up with other households
  • To keep a close eye on your children and dogs, to ensure they also follow the rules
  • To wash your hands before and after visiting the park, and before touching your face or eating
  • To avoid driving to the park if at all possible
  • Not to ‘loiter’ in the park. Please try to keep moving, with only minimal breaks for a rest if needed

If everyone follows these rules, the risks of transmitting the virus during a visit to the park will be minimised.

Take care and keep safe