Park Tidy Up Volunteers

Park Tidy Ups

Help us keep Boultham Park looking its best. Our litter picks have a great community feel and are suitable for all ages.


Conservation Group Give Us A Boost

On a lovely sunny day in March and we were happy to host the Lincoln Conservation Group for a day of sprucing up.

John - Weir - Boultham Park

Park Pye Performs Perfectly

If you are a regular visitor to Boultham Park you will know John Pye, he has been creating the feature around a new tilting weir outflow.

Silt and debris removal - Boultham Park

Hurrah for Community Spirit

A huge thank you to the The Casey Group Ltd, the construction team currently restoring Boultham Park.

Boultham Park - Weir

Weir On The Way

On Tuesday the 16th of August 2016 work got underway for the installation of a new mechanical sluice gate for the lake.