Boultham Park Volunteer Awarded Mayoral Medal

A Boultham Park Restoration Project volunteer has been awarded the Mayoral Medal for their continued outstanding contributions.

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Calling All #LitterHeroes!

Our popular Park Tidy Up sessions are back and we need you to be one of our #LitterHeroes!

A group volunteers stand in the Centenary Garden at Boultham Park.

More Volunteer Momentum

The parks WW1 memorial garden had another push by the Barton ToCH group in November. Its really great to have assistance from those who are passionate and dedicated to making a difference in the local area. The family based team led by ToCH youngest leader, Martin Bavin have shown a tremendous effort and dedication to getting the job done. On this visit the team completed a huge clearance of waste that had built up over the years and created the full circle of the meandering path which circumnavigates the garden. This exciting moment now allows people to see the garden and the local park from many new angles. Local volunteer Nick, also came out on the weekend to give a boost to the group. He is a keen volunteer who helps out most weeks in Boultham Park and he was happy to lend his hand on this day. If you would like to be involved or have any feedback about this beautiful space please get in touch with neville.coupland@linkage.org.uk.  07834 335 669

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Festive Volunteering Opportunities

Take a look to see how you can support the Project and Linkage this winter.


Paving the Memorial Way by Toc H

Toc H is an international charity and membership movement that emerged from a soldiers’ club in Poperinge, Belgium during World War I. It seems to be auspicious as the group from Barton, Humberside came to Boultham Park on Saturday to revamp the Memorial Garden which was started in 2014 for the 100 years memorial of WW1. The area has had some success in becoming a new space for people and as we said in our previous news we have a new design to take it to the next level.

Members led by local family team Martin gave us an outstanding boost in opening up the new pathways and allowing new access to the area. This involved removing some of the existing paths and re-laying the edgings. A tree  planting and stump removal really got the group heated up. The team previously helped out with painting in the park and they showed their commitment to the park with focused effort once again.

It was lovely to see a group of families and friends (including Annie the dog) happily working and socialising in the garden. We were also treated to a visit from John Pye, the Boultham Park Advisory Group Chair and his granddaughter, who were both impressed by the energy and action happening.(Photo credit and rights to John Pye)

Please feel free to pop by and have a look at whats changing and look out for further news of the features coming. If you would like to lend a hand or offer any donations for planting, that would be greatly appreciated.




Be a part of the Memorial Garden !

Volunteer Lindsay Johnson has created a fantastic new vision for the enhancement of the WW1 memorial garden space which was initially created in 2014 by local restoration volunteers and the Lincolnshire Co-op. The space has incredible potential to become a hub of enrichment and community enjoyment. Plans include exciting features such as insect hotels, story tellers place and new planting. Project Assistant, Neville Coupland will be meeting at the garden every Thursday afternoon from 1pm to help regenerate the social spirit of being involved in local areas and giving you the opportunity to develop the memorial for future generations. If you see yourself here to socialise with other people, have some fun or roll up your sleeves and get involved. Lets make our garden great. Contact 07834 335 669,  Neville.coupland@linkage.org.uk

The garden is directly opposite St Helens Church and Hall Drive, there is easy access via the cycle paths as well as a car park less than a 1 minute walk away.



Co-op Community Action

On a sunny day in June we were lucky to have the voluntary manpower from the Co-op, Lincoln. Led by Rachel the Education and Volunteering co-ordinator, the team set about undercoating the St Helens Church railings just by the Hall Drive car park. A group of the volunteers also did an excellent job clearing debris from the car park edges. Visually the area looks a lot more presentable and much easier to maintain. It is great to see the local businesses and staff enthusiastically helping out for the benefit of the communities around their stores. We thank everyone involved for their efforts.





Not one to let a job go unfinished the Co-op came back with reinforcements in July. A smaller team of five people completed the top coats on the church and car park railings along with a bonus litter pick around the park as well. Great community effort.


Park Tidy Up Volunteers

Park Tidy Ups

Help us keep Boultham Park looking its best. Our litter picks have a great community feel and are suitable for all ages.


Conservation Group Give Us A Boost

On a lovely sunny day in March and we were happy to host the Lincoln Conservation Group for a day of sprucing up.

John - Weir - Boultham Park

Park Pye Performs Perfectly

If you are a regular visitor to Boultham Park you will know John Pye, he has been creating the feature around a new tilting weir outflow.