Paving the Memorial Way by Toc H

Toc H is an international charity and membership movement that emerged from a soldiers’ club in Poperinge, Belgium during World War I. It seems to be auspicious as the group from Barton, Humberside came to Boultham Park on Saturday to revamp the Memorial Garden which was started in 2014 for the 100 years memorial of WW1. The area has had some success in becoming a new space for people and as we said in our previous news we have a new design to take it to the next level.

Members led by local family team Martin gave us an outstanding boost in opening up the new pathways and allowing new access to the area. This involved removing some of the existing paths and re-laying the edgings. A tree  planting and stump removal really got the group heated up. The team previously helped out with painting in the park and they showed their commitment to the park with focused effort once again.

It was lovely to see a group of families and friends (including Annie the dog) happily working and socialising in the garden. We were also treated to a visit from John Pye, the Boultham Park Advisory Group Chair and his granddaughter, who were both impressed by the energy and action happening.(Photo credit and rights to John Pye)

Please feel free to pop by and have a look at whats changing and look out for further news of the features coming. If you would like to lend a hand or offer any donations for planting, that would be greatly appreciated.