Be a part of the Memorial Garden !

Volunteer Lindsay Johnson has created a fantastic new vision for the enhancement of the WW1 memorial garden space which was initially created in 2014 by local restoration volunteers and the Lincolnshire Co-op. The space has incredible potential to become a hub of enrichment and community enjoyment. Plans include exciting features such as insect hotels, story tellers place and new planting. Project Assistant, Neville Coupland will be meeting at the garden every Thursday afternoon from 1pm to help regenerate the social spirit of being involved in local areas and giving you the opportunity to develop the memorial for future generations. If you see yourself here to socialise with other people, have some fun or roll up your sleeves and get involved. Lets make our garden great. Contact 07834 335 669,  [email protected]

The garden is directly opposite St Helens Church and Hall Drive, there is easy access via the cycle paths as well as a car park less than a 1 minute walk away.